Friday, June 12 • 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Love, Sex & Death Shorts

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These ten little films focus on what makes the world go round.

Program Order

Destroyer - 9 min
Warning Labels - 14 min
Adjust-A-Dream - 6 min
The First Hope - 12 min
Dad's Dead - 11 min
Scrabble - 11 min
Actresses - 10 min
Elevator - 8 min
The Answers - 8 min
Technical Support  - 3 min

Short Film
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Follows the relationship between a young aspiring actress and an off-Broadway star.  | 11min, NY | Director: Jeremy Hersh | Executive Producer: Jonathan Cohen, Sydney Buchan and Kevin Hayden | Producer: Natasha Giliberti | Writer: Jeremy Hersh | Cast: Taylor Hess, Rebecca H... Read More →
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On the verge of moving in together, a gay couple shopping for their first mattress discover more differences than pillow top versus memory foam. | 6 min, USA | Director: Jonathan Wysocki | Writer: Jonathan Wysocki | Producer: Jonathan Wysocki | Cast: Tom DeTrinis, Doug Tompos, Victor... Read More →
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The Answers

Immediately after his death, the victim of a car crash gets answers to every question he's ever had about his life, including the most import one of all - what did it all mean? | 8 min, USA | Director: Michael Goode | Producers: Michael Goode, Daniel Lissing | Cast: Daniel Lissing... Read More →
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Dad's Dead

Dad died, and now Rae has to break the news to her sister, Natalie. Natalie is in a psych ward. Dad put Natalie there. | 11 min | Director: Robert G. Putka | Producers: Eilis Cahill, Ben Measor, Robert G. Putka, Joe Battaglia  | Writer: Robert G. Putka | Cast: Eilis Cahill, Clare... Read More →
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A husband (Alan Ruck, Spin City) drives his wife out to the country with a mind for retribution. | 9 min, SD | Director: Andrew Kightlinger, | Producer: Adam Emerson, Dohui Kim | Cast: Alan Ruck, Judith Hoag 
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The boy is afraid of elevators. But one day, for love, he goes to meet the fear... | 8 min | Director: Asan Djantaliev | Writer: Asan Djantaliev
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The First Hope

After seeing Leia kiss Luke on his VHS copy of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, a young boy develops an inappropriate crush of his own. | 12 min, USA | Director: Jeremy David White | Writer: Austin Reynolds | Producers: Kyle Lauresen, Eric F. Martin, Jeremy David White | Cast: Davis Desmond... Read More →
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Warning Labels

Mindy and Gil, coworkers at the CDC, meet for a drink after work. When their friends Thad and Jessie join them, it becomes clear that everyone has fallen for the wrong person. Mindy and Gil fight for a moment of true connection but they discover that in this heightened world filled... Read More →
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'Scrabble' addresses the secret desire to break out of the routine of a loveless relationship and illuminates with irony the depths of humanity behind a traditional facade - using a simple board game. | Once the first rush of love in a relationship has passed and the daily routine... Read More →

Technical Support

Technical Support follows The Girl as she frantically attempts to repair her robot lover. Can she save his brain? | 3 min, USA | Director: Sweaters | Writer: Travis Tindell | Producer: Nathan Poppe | Cast: Tory Ayers, Trevor Pratt, Matt Goad, Alaina Avants, Allen Cory

Friday June 12, 2015 6:30pm - 8:30pm
FerrellOil Theater at Harkins 150 East Reno Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73104

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