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This film examines the evolution of Oakland through the eyes of social entrepreneurs who are determined to not leave youth of color on the sidelines as Silicon Valley spreads across the Bay and into the home of the second largest black community in California. Kalimah Priforce, who at age 8, organized a hunger strike to get books for his group home, and Kimberly Bryant, a successful electrical engineer turned founder of Black Girls Code, are organizing large-scale hackathons to prepare youth to redesign the future through the power of digital coding. Joined on the national stage by #YesWeCode founder Van Jones, their work represents the cusp of a movement to change both the face and use of technology in America. But is Silicon Valley ready to be hacked?
21 min, USA
Director: Kelly Amis
Writer: Kelly Amis
Producer: Kelly Amis
Cast: Kalimah Priforce - Founder, Qeyno Labs; Kimberly Bryant - Founder Black Girls Code; Van Jones - CNN Political Analyst & Founder #YesWeCode

Saturday, June 13

11:45am CDT

Sunday, June 14

2:30pm CDT