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El Porvenir

El Porvenir is an inside look at the world of Mexican cockfighting, where men and roosters meet at the intersection of life, death, and sport.

This short documentary follows Abelardo Olguín Cuevas, a third-generation Mexican cockfighter struggling to hold on to his family's traditions in the face of a growing movement to ban the sport across the country. Cockfighting has been Abelardo's passion since he was five years old. Now, with children of his own, he hopes to pass on the tradition, but he and his fellow cockfighters see the world changing before their eyes.

The film explores Abelardo’s day-to-day life in Ixmiquilpan, Central Mexico. We follow him from the farm, where he trains his roosters, to the cockfighting tournaments, and get a unique glimpse into this vibrant and controversial culture.
14 min, USA
Director: Josh Chertoff, Alfredo Alcantara
Producer: Ben Altarescu
Cast: Abelardo Olguin