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Ronnie BoDean

Ronnie BoDean, a larger-than-live outlaw who must shake off an epic hangover and use his considerable street knowledge to take on his greatest challenge yet- babysitting his jailed neighbor's precocious kids. When Ronnie's out-of-the-frying-pan-and-into-the-fire approach to child rearing lands the kids in the cross hairs of a psychotic thug, it's up to Ronnie to save the day.
13 min, OK
Director: Steven Paul Judd
Writers: Steven Paul Judd, Ken Kristensen, Tvli Jacob
Producers: Steven Paull Judd, Ken Kristensen
Cast: Wes Studi, Preston Simpson, Georgia Seres

Friday, June 12

6:00pm CDT

Sunday, June 14

2:15pm CDT