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7 Chinese Brothers

Jason Schwartzman portrays Larry, an inebriated sad sack who rides a tide of booze onto the shores of an undiscriminating Quick-Lube. All seems awash, except for the fact he finds himself smitten with the boss, Lupe (Eleanore Pienta). 

Will Larry keep it together long enough to win the girl, provide for his French bulldog (Schwartzman's real-life dog Arrow), laze about with his friend Major (T.V. on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe), and do his cantankerous grandmother (Olympia Dukakis) proud?

7 CHINESE BROTHERS - written & directed by Bob Byington (SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME) - is empathetic in tone, dry in humor. Schwartzman is in every scene and offers one of his most finely nuanced performances.

75 min, TX
Director: Bob Byington
Writer: Bob Byington
Friday, June 12

6:45pm CDT

Saturday, June 13

2:45pm CDT