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Picture the smartest kid in your high school. That’s Darryl. Except Darryl was born in a small town to an impoverished family with a brother suffering from cerebral palsy and an alcoholic widower. Darryl applies for his dream college... and gets in. He can't afford college, much less a private one. After several months of waiting for financial aid, Darryl succumbs to the fact that he is staying in town to take care of his family. That despair turns into pure joy as he receives a full scholarship. But what Darryl wants most could tear his world apart. Quick decisions threaten everything Darryl has worked for. As the fabric of his life splits between his dreams and duty to family, his father’s words begin to ring in his ears: “There just ain’t no free tickets out.”
95 min, OK
Director: Sonny Priest
Producer: Adam Carter IV, Brian Christopher Cates
Writer: Sonny Priest
Cast: Ty Fanning, Matt Altobelli, Terry Masters, Cassidee Vandalia
Thursday, June 11

7:00pm CDT

Saturday, June 13

12:00pm CDT